This page is for resources for the AES TechCenter 21 modules.


AES primary TechCenter 21 website
AES Online Store (use user id:browse, pw:browse to just browse)

Support web site:
Toll Free Number in US: 800-220-2175
Direct: 717-627-7710

Module Student Manuals (also available on the module software CD):
Construction and CAD

Misc Resources:
TC21-10 Module Activity Summaries - What the students do during each activity
Common AES Consumables with Part #s (and alternate sources)
Techcenter 21 Modules - Module descriptions
Module Preferences - Handout for students to choose the modules they would like to work on. For input into the AES scheduler.
Module Agendas and Checklists - Zip file containing Agenda listing daily activities + a checklist for end of module closeout
Completed Storyboard for Video Production module - For use if you don't want your students to hand copy it